Marom Group was established in 2009 with a great passion towards making a difference in the world and promoting excellence and cross-sectoral collaboration among stakeholders in the philanthropic arena.

By integrating strategic planning capabilities, “hands-on” implementation methods and global orientation with our team’s in-depth knowledge and experience - we provide unique tools to optimize investment performance and realize social goals.

We work with Family Foundations, Institutional Foundations and private philanthropists, committed to designing clear and achievable strategies, in order to facilitate effective and sustainable social change.

We partner with corporations to help them create and implement their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda and consult governments on collaboration with nonprofits and allocation of funds.

We provide Non-Profit Organizations strategic planning services, alongside with ongoing guidance in the implementation and execution of the strategic plan and professional consulting.

We teach, educate and enhance performance, providing our clients with tailor-made seminars and workshops designed to meet their specific needs and enable them to realize their full potential.