Marom Group offers

tailored and full-service philanthropic solutions

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Services For Philanthropic & Funding Partners


  • Initiation and establishment of family foundation – Define values, vision, mission, goals, target audiences, desired Theory of Chance, optimal operational and cooperation models, , giving strategy, marketing strategy, work plan and ongoing management of the foundation.
  • Foundation representation – serving as the foundation's representative in all aspects, including but not limited to drafting foundational guidelines, priorities and procedures and implementation of ongoing operational aspects such as reviewing and screening grant applications, monitoring performance and progress of grantees and funded projects.
  • Development of social initiatives and ongoing guidance in their execution
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting


Services For Organizations


  • Strategic planning – including Analysis, Strategic Alternatives, Strategic Plan, Implementation
  • Ongoing guidance and professional consulting in the implementation and execution of the strategic plan, including tailored capacity-building and training

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation process


Additional Services


  • Senior management consulting and mentoring
  • Professional capacity-building workshops