What does it mean to practice radical listening? Moreover, what does it mean to practice radical listening with donors? When Kathy LeMay, a longtime fundraiser, advises fundraisers on what practices and activities they should invest most of their time on, she says “60 percent of your time should be spent in relationship with donors and investors,” (Read more)

When should organizations start including millennials on their Board of Directors? (Read more)

Women's philanthropy is a growing force in the global philanthropic arena in general and in the United States in particular. In recent years, a number of research institutes and organizations have been... (Read more)

Gender Mainstreaming

by Noam Rabinovich

There’s an old joke in the world of NGOs that in order to achieve gender mainstreaming, one simply inserts the words gender or women every few words into a funding application or report. The premise of the joke is that no one really knows what gender mainstreaming is and how to put it into practice... (Read more)

In preparation for International Women's Day, the Executive Director of the Israel Women's Network (IWN) spoke to us about the state of women in Israel and about her perspective on how a feminist organization for social change operates in terms of resource development. The IWN focuses on promoting policy and integration of gender-based thinking among decision-makers (gender mainstreaming) and works to solve specific problems that have been identified as strategic issues. (Read more)